Figuring it out & Catering To It! New Business Services Conversion Underway!


Our Senior Creator is Taz Cable. This well rounded jack of all trades, master of not a damn thing is maximizing the opportunity to live. His creativity and this brand is built on a life of bullying and not fitting in. Some where some how we all don't fit in. Usually when we are either uncomfortable and self defending we tend to be obnoxious. Fish out of water so to speak. 

Taz is traveling the United States and started in Clearwater, Florida on this leg of his adventure, just a few months ago. 

With a small break in Clearwater in a business arrangement Taz has been living in his RV for 3 years and has mainly been in Florida. With a determination to head West he has and he did. 

Obnoxious Behavior was created because as much as Taz has tried to figure out his and help businesses figure out theres - (OXB) an expressive clothing line and marketing company emerged. 

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